Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – drive fast and join the scenery

Nothing worth doing was ever easy. The process is always skewed. The learning curve is always steep. There is always a competition. And more often than not our accomplishments are never a xerographic copy of what we desired it in the first place. Driven by the sensibilities we derived from the job half done, we change/ modify our goals sometimes making it more realistic. There is nothing wrong in that too.

What is imperative is that in order to get the job done we have to get our hands dirty. People around us together absorbed in their own perseverance, are painting a beautiful picture. We sometimes spend the whole life getting one pixel right in it.  There are no shortcuts. There is no easy way. And the next train to the realm of success leaves in half hours. You have to start now. Get your shit together, nothing ever was achieved by strolling in the park.


Am I a failure?

Sometimes you wanna write. No matter how busy you feel you are, you wanna sit down with a cuppa and write. Sipped. A desire to abuse grammar. A desire to put my opinion on everything abstract. Humanity, Time, love, justice, hatred, BigBang… anything! sipped longer, running short of ideas. And sometimes to show that I am allowed to have an opinion on all of these. So I write. And I always will.

Whatever I think of I cannot imagine the exact opposite of ‘nightmare’. There are fewer words for pleasant emotions and we went so ahead with negativity. For last five years, I have lived within a competition of peers. I have  withstood it long but failed to match up sometimes too. I have been a regular guy. Sipped again. I have to finish this before chai finishes. We are so much surrounded by a negativity that being no extraordinary is a failure. Irony is that most extraordinary people in history were also considered failures once in a while.

Struggle however, is not a negative word in my opinion, and I am allowed to have an opinion. It is a beautiful word that describes a man consumed with passion to learn and adapt. I am struggling. I am no failure. Chaii sipped, bottom’s up.