Am I a failure?

Sometimes you wanna write. No matter how busy you feel you are, you wanna sit down with a cuppa and write. Sipped. A desire to abuse grammar. A desire to put my opinion on everything abstract. Humanity, Time, love, justice, hatred, BigBang… anything! sipped longer, running short of ideas. And sometimes to show that I am allowed to have an opinion on all of these. So I write. And I always will.

Whatever I think of I cannot imagine the exact opposite of ‘nightmare’. There are fewer words for pleasant emotions and we went so ahead with negativity. For last five years, I have lived within a competition of peers. I have  withstood it long but failed to match up sometimes too. I have been a regular guy. Sipped again. I have to finish this before chai finishes. We are so much surrounded by a negativity that being no extraordinary is a failure. Irony is that most extraordinary people in history were also considered failures once in a while.

Struggle however, is not a negative word in my opinion, and I am allowed to have an opinion. It is a beautiful word that describes a man consumed with passion to learn and adapt. I am struggling. I am no failure. Chaii sipped, bottom’s up.